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Furniture Wheels in USA

Furniture Wheels

Furniture Wheels Manufacturer in USA, Furniture Casters in USA

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What is Furniture Wheels?

Furniture wheels are small, circular components that are attached to the bottom of furniture pieces, allowing them to be easily moved from one place to another.

Properties of furniture wheels:

  • Material: Our Furniture wheels are made from various materials such as plastic, rubber, metal, or a combination of these materials to ensure durability and ease of movement.
  • Size: Wheels vary in size depending on the weight and size of furniture they will be supporting. Larger wheels are suited for heavier furniture, while smaller ones are better suited for lighter items.
  • Type: Different types of wheels are available, such as swivel wheels, which provide greater mobility and manoeuvrability, and fixed wheels, which only move in one direction.
  • Load Capacity: The weight capacity of furniture wheels varies depending on the type and size of the wheel. It is essential to choose the right load capacity for your furniture to ensure they work efficiently and safely when moving around.


  • Shows perfect bonding between the tread and the core.
  • Provides soundless functioning.
  • Highly efficient wheels for auto towing applications.
  • Absorbs shock with great amount of precision.
Wheel Type Swivel, Swivel with Brake.
Wheel DIA 2*2 Inch, 2*3 Inch
Load Capacity Per Wheel 25 - 30 kg