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Furniture Caster Wheels Manufacturers in USA

Furniture Caster Wheels Manufacturers/Suppliers in USA

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Global Wheel Is One Of The Best Furniture Caster Wheels Manufacturers, Suppliers In USA. We Have Been In The Forefront Of Providing Quality Products To The Customers.

The Furniture Caster Wheels manufacturers in USA have been providing quality service to our customers for over more than 25 years and our products are also available all over the world, which gives us a global reach.

We are leading Furniture Caster Wheels Manufacturers, Suppliers in USA. Furniture Caster Wheels are specially design for our precious customers with superior quality under Industrial Casters wheels. These are manufactured using superior quality steel and have excellent resistance against corrosion. Moreover, these have excellent finish standards and can bear extreme industry conditions.

These wheels are available in various sizes and dimensions and are commonly made of rubber, nylon, plastic, aluminium, or stainless steel. We specialize in manufacturing Furniture Caster Wheels which are widely used in making moving tables and trolleys. These are manufactured superior quality raw material such as rubber polymer and metal sheet using cutting edge technology. Our range of Casters Wheels is known for its physical properties such as high durability, reliability, fine finish, and resistance to corrosion.

The Advantages of these Furniture Caster Wheels are :

  • Shows perfect bonding between the tread and the core.
  • Provides soundless functioning.
  • Highly efficient wheels for auto towing applications.
  • Absorbs shock with great amount of precision.
Wheel Type Swivel, Swivel with Brake.
Wheel DIA 2*2 Inch, 2*3 Inch
Load Capacity Per Wheel 25 - 30 kg

An overview-

Industrial Furniture Wheels are a type of wheel that is commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and even agriculture.

They are the most common type of wheel used in these industries because they can be easily mounted to any machine. It is used to move heavy loads on the ground.

Our Product Material:

These Wheels are mostly made of wood, metal, plastic, steel and polyurethane. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors depending on the industry they are being used for.

Industrial Furniture Wheels in USA are typically found in different sizes such as 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch.

These wheels can move heavy loads on the ground and reduce the amount of effort required for moving them.

The features of our industrial furniture wheels that make it different from other wheels include:

  • These Wheels are often more durable than other types of wheels because they have a hard surface that doesn't get scratched easily.
  • The Furniture Wheels can be made with different diameters depending on the size required for the product being produced.
  • Wheels are often used as an alternative to wheels on furniture, in commercial settings such as retail stores and commercial kitchens.
  • These are often used for mobile transportation of items that need to be moved around a commercial space including heavy or bulky items.


  • The Furniture Caster Wheels is a good option for any industry that needs to transport heavy equipment and machinery around the work site.
  • Engineers use them for their workstations when they need to carry heavy loads around the office or when they need to move large objects around their factory floor.
  • Construction companies use them for construction vehicles, cranes, and forklifts when they need to transport materials in warehouses.
  • These Wheels are designed to support the weight of heavy machinery, tools, and equipment. They are made of strong material and can be easily mounted on industrial furniture.


1. Where Furniture Caster Wheels are used?

Furniture Caster Wheels are used in industries such as mining, construction, and manufacturing. These are typically made from steel and aluminum alloys, but other materials such as stainless steel and plastics can also be used.

2. What are the features of Furniture Wheels?

The furniture wheels have many different features that make them useful in this industry. They can be used to transport heavy materials and equipment over long distances. They are often made of steel or aluminum.

3. What are the benefits of using Furniture Caster Wheels?

The Furniture Caster Wheels offer many benefits such as increased stability and safety while reducing the amount of time spent on lifting heavy objects with forklifts or cranes.

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