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Rubber Caster Wheels Manufacturers|Suppliers in India

Rubber Caster Wheels Manufacturers in India

Rubber Caster Wheels in India

Global Wheels is the best rubber caster wheel manufacturers, suppliers in India that has been in the industry for over more than 25 years. We are known for providing quality products and services to our customers and offer a wide range of products to suit the customer needs.

Our products were initially used as a way to transport goods from one place to another, but now these are also used for the industrial purposes like manufacturing, mining, and transportation.

We understand that our customers need to be treated with the utmost respect and care in order to get the most out of their purchase. That's why we offer a wide range of options like free delivery, free returns, a 365-day warranty and more!

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An overview-

Rubber Wheel is a material that is used in industries for a variety of purposes. It is mostly used in the manufacturing industry as it is durable and high-quality. It can be used to make wheelbarrows, carts, trolleys, and other equipment.

Rubber wheels are made from natural rubber and also from synthetic rubber. The natural rubber is sourced from the sap of trees while the synthetic one can be produced using petroleum, coal or natural gas.

There are two types of Industrial Rubber Wheel - solid rubber wheel and hollow rubber wheel. The hollow one has a core with an inner diameter of up to 25 mm, while the solid one has an outer diameter of up to 80 mm.

They are often used in industries such as mining, construction, manufacturing, etc. that require frequent movement on rough surfaces without significant friction loss.


Rubber Wheel is made by vulcanizing rubber and then weaving the fabric together into a solid wheel. It has the features of a rubber tire and an industrial metal rim. It is used in industries such as mining, agriculture, construction, and forestry.

The advantages of the Industrial Rubber Wheel are its high wear resistance, excellent traction properties and low rolling resistance. It is also lightweight and can be easily mounted on equipment. They have durability, ability to be customized, and ability to be used in different applications.

They are designed to help ensure that vehicles or industries need not idle while waiting in lines and that they can move quickly when needed. This helps to improve productivity, as well as reducing wear and tear on equipment.

The Rubber Wheel offers the following features:

  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Versatility

Benefits of using Rubber Wheels-

The benefits of using rubber wheel in industries are many. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as smoothing, cleaning, and polishing. They are also cost-effective and can be used in any industry or sector.

It is used in industries such as mining, construction, and manufacturing. It can be used to increase the efficiency of the machine by reducing friction and wear.

Rubber wheels are also known for their low noise levels which makes them a great option for industrial applications such as mining, construction, and manufacturing.

  1. What are the properties of Rubber Wheel?

The Rubber wheel is generally made of a rubber compound that has been vulcanized, or hardened and cured, by heating. Industrial Rubber Wheels typically have a smooth surface with no grooves or ridges.

  1. What are the benefits of using Rubber Wheel?

The Rubber Wheel has a number of benefits, such as the ability to reduce noise and vibration, improve the noise level of air conditioning systems and reduce the need for power.

  1. What is the part of Rubber Wheel?

The rubber tire is a part of the rubber wheel that is used to provide a surface area on which to drive an object. The tire may be solid, or it may be made up of tubes filled with air. Several different types of tires exist, including pneumatic tires and solid tires.